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AJ's Charizard








Flame Pokemon




199.5 lbs



Solar Power (Hidden Ability)





Heat Wave


Wing Attack

Charizard was AJ's starter Pokemon at the beginning of Season 1 as a Charmander. When AJ and Charmander first met, Charmander didn't exactly get along with AJ at first due to the things he was doing. But it didn't take long for Charmander to get used to him and the two eventually became very close friends, to the point where at the beginning of Season 4 when AJ returns the only person he and Charizard could trust was each other. Over the years, the two have become like family and are hardly ever apart. Charizard is the toughest Pokemon on AJ's team. Charizard's personality is similar to AJ's; serious when he can be and likes to fight, willing to do whatever he can.

Mega Evolutions

Mega Charizard Y

Mega Charizard Y, debuted when helping Main Event Mafia.

Charizard-Mega X

Mega Charizard X, debuted at Bound For Glory 2013.

Just recently these past few weeks, AJ revealed Charizard's Mega Evolutions. It started when AJ helped out the Main Event Mafia fight against the Aces and Eights. Towards the end of the match, AJ took out a Mega Ring and Charizard Mega Evolved into Mega Charizard Y.

Recently at Bound For Glory during the World Heavyweight Championship battle against Bully Ray and his Houndoom, who was evolved into his Mega form, AJ once again took out his Mega Ring. But this time, Charizard changed into Mega Charizard X, which was able to defeat Mega Houndoom for the win.


Like AJ, Charizard didn't used to have that many rivals. But since they've been "lone wolves", he's gained some rivals.

  • Daniels's Emboar (Main rival, former friend)
  • Kazarian's Blastoise (former friend)
  • Bobby Roode's Venusaur
  • Bully Ray's Houndoom
  • Dixie Carter's Altaria


Despite being a "lone wolf", Charizard does have a few friends by his side.

  • Sting's Armaldo
  • Kurt Angle's Magmortar
  • Samoa Joe's Hariyama
  • Magnus's Feraligatr


  • When AJ came back in March of 2013 at the beginning of Season 4, Charizard was the only one he could trust besides his other Pokemon and it was the same for Charizard with AJ.
  • In the OC world, Charizard is currently in a relationship with Katie Borden's (friend's OC) Misdreavus. The two have mated and produced a child together; a male Charmander.
  • Since being a Charmander and Tepig, AJ's Charizard and Daniels's Emboar were the best of friends. They always hung out and had some wacky adventures (example: Impact Pokemon Wrestling mini movie Charmeleon and Pignite's Excellent Adventure). But before No Surrender 2011, when AJ and Daniels faced off in a match, Charizard and Emboar faced off in a battle and Daniels and Emboar ended up winning. Then right after No Surrender, like their trainers, their friendship went down the drain after Daniels kept bragging about beating AJ. At the start of this it looked like Emboar was not on his trainer's side and was with AJ and Charizard, but it didn't take long for Emboar to turn his back on Charizard as well. And since AJ and Charizard's loss against Daniels and Emboar at Final Resolution 2012, those two have hated each other ever since.

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