Breaking Point:Edit

Breaking Point is the fifth PPV of Peach Creek Ultimate Wrestling (PCUW)

Breaking Point 2012Edit

Breaking Point (2012)


Peach Creek Ultimate Wrestling


March 25, 2012




1st Mariner Arena


Baltimore, Maryland

Breaking Point 2012 took place in Baltimore, Maryland. This PPV is unique because Ed's winning streak finally came to an end and lost the title.


Match 1 of Best of 3 Series: Ivory Gerdelen Def. Amanda LIghts by DQ (Time- 6:13)

PCUW Hardcore Championship: Guntep Min (c) Def. Eric Peterson (Time- 5:22)

PCUW Women's Championship: Nazz Def. Nikki Sierra (Time-5:41)

PCUW World Tag-Team Championship: Kevin and Rolf (c) Def. Second City Saints (Phil Hardy and Colt Anderson) (Time- 6: 21)

PCUW Television Championship: Amanda Wells Def. Wolf Lancaster (New Champion!) (Time-7:31)

PCUW X-Division Championship: Aries Austin (c) Def. Captain Melonhead (Time-5:10)

PCUW Intercontinental Championship: Chris O'Mac (c) Def. Mitch Adams (Time-4:23)

PCUW Wolrd Heavyweight Championship: Kevin Def. Ed (New Champion!) (Time-7:23)

2nd Year Results:Edit

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