Carly Danielle Bonin
Carly Bonin




110 lbs



Born In:

Houston, Texas

Lives In:

Berry River

Wrestling Influences


AJ Lee




Devin Taylor

Carly Bonin

Growing up Carly was always close with her cousin Celeste but her family didn't like Celeste's family for a reason so they moved to Berry River when Carly was just 10. Now at 15 Carly is currently living with a Friend and training to be a wrestler.

Wrestling Career

Carly tried out for PCUW when they had try outs in Berry River. She impressed officials and was awarded a developmental contract and reported to PCDW their developmental territory where she is currently a backstage interviewer but wrestles once in a while.

Carly made her debut for PCUW Darning the Summerfest Preshow as the temporary replacement for Kolton after he got attacked a few weeks back darning PCUW's show at the Impact Zone. She was seen talking to Zack before interviewing the Second City Saints (Colt Anderson and Phil Hardy).


Kaitlyn (Cousin)


  • Kellsie

Finishing Moves

  • Spear
  • Black Widow
  • Firemans Curry Buster

Entrance Music

  • You Make The Rain Fall by Kevin Rudolf (PCDW Theme)
  • Higher by Nicole Tranquilo (Kaitlyn's WWE Theme) (PCUW Theme once she gets called up)

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