Circus Kane
Circus Kane

Circus is going to try SCIENCE!


Circus Kane






201 lbs

Born In:

Cherry Falls

Lives In:

Peach Creek

Wrestling Influences:


Sweet Tooth



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Circus Kane is a psychotic wrestler who may debut in PCUW eventually, though this is not co
Circus Kane 2

Circus is on fire! Wait a minute...

nfirmed.  He currently resides in Peach Creek where he stalks and possibly beats up unsuspecting people.  Rarely he would follow them to their homes and attack them by calling them and making threats.  He also appears to have the appearance of Sweet Tooth and at times would act like him.

PCUW Career ?:

Circus Kane hasn't been in PCUW yet and its possible he may debut but this is just a speculation.  It is rumored that he will be participating in PCUW Gut Check.

HWA Career:

In the beginning of July, during HWA's early days when not on air, Circus was crowned the television champion after defeating Thomas Ambrose and Raymond Kens in a TLC triple-threat  match at Hell Unleashed.  Circus would go on to defeat Toby Shields in a ladders match at the July week 4 episode of HWA.  Kane then made a succesful title defense against Fowl Faced.  On September week 2, Kane defeated Jay Williams in a non-title match, via submission.  On the September week 4 episode of HWA, Kane defeated Timothy Dimebag, keeping his winning streak alive and asserting his dominance as a hardcore monster.


One word can describe Circus in a nutshell: Insane.  He's one of the most psychotic beings for his age.  He mostly subjects his opponents to bloody toture in matches and shows no remorse or regret for it.  In fact he doesn't even know what those words mean because they aren't in his personal dictionary. 

Personal Life:

Circus' personal life is unknown except for his homicidal tendencies.

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