Daniels's Emboar
Daniels' Emboar








Mega Fire Pig Pokemon




330.7 lbs



Reckless(Hidden Ability)



Rock Smash

Fire Punch



Flare Blitz

Emboar was Christopher Daniels's starter Pokemon at the beginning of Season 1 as a Tepig. It seemed Tepig chose Daniels to be his trainer because before Daniels could even decide on which Pokemon to pick, the little fire pig ran up to him and jumped into his arms, and Daniels went ahead and chose him. Since then, those two like AJ and Charmander, have been very close. As a Tepig and Pignite, he was energetic, loved to play and hang out with others, and was pretty silly. When he evolved into Emboar, he matured more and he's now Daniels's most serious Pokemon as well as his strongest. However, Emboar does have his moments where he does act like his trainer.


Being a heel in the company, Emboar does have quite a few rivals.

  • AJ's Styles's Charizard (Main rival, former friend)
  • James Storm's Swampert
  • Gunner's Krookodile
  • Eric Young's Mamoswine
  • Joseph Park's Lopunny
  • Abyss's Gengar
  • Magnus's Feraligatr
  • Sting's Armaldo


Emboar does have a few allies as well.

  • Kazarian's Blastoise (best friend)
  • Bobby Roode's Venusaur


  • Emboar is currently a member of the Extroadinary Pokemon Organization (or just called EPO for short).
  • When Daniels played the roles of Curry Man and Suicide, Tepig/Pignite was at his side as well.
  • Since being a Charmander and Tepig, AJ's Charizard and Daniels's Emboar were the best of friends. They always hung out and had some wacky adventures (example: Impact Pokemon Wrestling mini movie Charmeleon and Pignite's Excellent Adventure). But before No Surrender 2011, when AJ and Daniels faced off in a match, Charizard and Emboar faced off in a battle and Daniels and Emboar ended up winning. Then right after No Surrender, like their trainers, their friendship went down the drain after Daniels kept bragging about beating AJ. At the start of this it looked like Emboar was not on his trainer's side and was with AJ and Charizard, but it didn't take long for Emboar to turn his back on Charizard as well. And since AJ and Charizard's loss against Daniels and Emboar at Final Resolution 2012, those two have hated each other ever since.

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