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Independence Day 2012Edit

Match Notes
Asheel Din (C) def. Double D X-Division Championship
The Tubas (Ken & Ben Tuba) def. EWO (David & John Williams) Vacant tag titles
Johnny Thunder (C) def Azure Lee  Hardcore title; Hardcore match
Nazz def, Eliza Maxwell Womens Championship
Asheel Din over Johnny Thunder (C) TV Title; Asheel became the second man to hold two titles at once (Johnny Thunder was the first. Both men defended their titles before the match
Eddy Verra def. Wolf Lancaster Singles match; If Eddy won he got to face Asheel at Summerfest
Ed (C) def. Kevin Lewis PCUW World Championship

Independence Day 2013Edit

Match Notes
Azure Lee (C) def. Steven Ryke (Time- 13:19) Intercontinental Championship
EWO (Ashley & Jenny Smith) (C) def The Flawless girls (Time-10:21)  Womens tag championships
Jonny 2x4 (C)  def. Jason Kruger (Time-7:44) TV Title
Kenny Smith (C) def. Christopher House (Time-12:22) Hardcore title; Hardcore match
Edd (C) def. Aries Austin (Time- 16:01) X-Division Championship
Van Culmer & Corey Dominic (C) over Perfect Wolfpack (Johnny Thunder & Wolf Lancaster) & Ed and Asheel Din (Time-21:11) PCUW World Tag Team Championships
Ivory (C) def. Amanda Lights (Time-8:45) Womens Championship
Eddy (C) def David Williams (Time-9:45) PCUW World Title


Independence day 2013 recieved massive praise. Professional Fiction Wrestling Torch Newsletter gave the PPV 9.25/10. The claimed that this was the greatest PPV in PCUW history. The triple threat Tag title match was given a 10/10 score. All 3 teams were praised for their awesome performance and chemistry together. Edd vs Aries & Eddy vs David each recieved a 9.5/10. Both were considered wrestling classics that will be remembered for a while. The IC Championship match was given a 8.75/10. They called the best opening contest in PCUW's history. They also praised Azure for bringing the best out of Steven. The Hardcore title & Womens tag title match were given 8/10 & 7.5/10 respectivly. Jonny vs Jason was considered a low point due to the uneeded interference of Slade. However it managed to still get a 7/10. They also hailed Ivory vs Amanda as a buffer match following an Epic triple threat tag match and gave it a 4/10 rating stating it was 'well wrestled' but, the crowd wasn't into it

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