Kazarian's Blastoise
Kazarian's Blastoise








Shellfish Pokemon




188.5 lbs



Rain Dish (Hidden Ability)


Hydro Pump

Skull Bash

Focus Blast

Aqua Jet

Ice Punch

Rock Smash

Blastoise was Kazarian's starter Pokemon at the beginning of Season 1 as a Squirtle. At first Kaz and Squirtle seemed like a strange match, but those two were able to pull it off. Over the years, the two have developed a close friendship and have had a big interest in battling that is still there today. Blastoise is Kaz's strongest Pokemon. Most of the time, even during the days in Fortune, Blastoise has been Kaz's serious Pokemon. Like Daniels's Emboar, he does have his moments where he does act like his trainer. But most recently during this past year and a half, Blastoise mostly just rolls his eyes at his trainer's antics and goes with the flow.

Mega Evolution

Mega blastoise

Mega Blastoise, debuted at Bound For Glory 2013.

Blastoise just recently made his debut into Mega Blastoise at Bound For Glory 2013. He first Mega Evolved after Bad Influence lost the Preshow Tag Team Gauntlet after Kazarian used his recently received Mega Ring and Mega Blastoise attacked Joseph Park's Lopunny. Mega Blastoise made a second appearance that night with his trainer, but didn't turn out so well as he was beaten down by the returning Abyss's Mega Gengar.


  • AJ Styles's Charizard (Main rival, former friend)
  • James Storm's Swampert
  • Gunner's Krookodile
  • Eric Young's Mamoswine
  • Joseph Park's Lopunny
  • Abyss's Gengar
  • Magnus's Feraligatr
  • Sting's Armaldo


  • Daniels's Emboar (best friend)
  • Bobby Roode's Venusaur


  • Blastoise is currently a member of the Extroadinary Pokemon Organization (or just called EPO for short).
  • In the non-OC world (real-life), Blastoise is married to Traci Brooks's Blaziken. In the OC world, he is bisexual and in a relationship with Sarah Veerthorne's (OC) Typhlosion, who is a male and also bisexual. Although in real-life even though he is married, there have been hints that he might be bisexual in that world too.
  • In Season 1 and a little of Season 2, there have been hints that before joining Kazarian, Blastoise as a Squirtle was maybe a part of the Squirtle Squad.

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