Lilian House




131 lbs



Born in:

New York

Lives in:

Lemon Brook

Wrestling influences:

Sable, Mickie James, JBL, Tara, and Trish Stratus

Lilian HouseEdit

Lilian Maria House is a 5 foot 8, 131 lbs, Blonde who likes her hair as long as Maryse's. Her baby blue eyes reveal a flirty, arrogant seductress. Her wrestling attire is just like Michelle McCool's was when she was a part of Lay-Cool, with black as the primary color and red crosses though.

When away from the wrestling world, you can normally find Lilian dressed up in her black cocktail dress with black high heels waiting for the next idiot to try and date her. She is a money-hungry, business-minded, strong-willed woman who knows how to manipulate the situation to fit her needs.

Wrestling CareerEdit

Lilian just joined PCUW on during the first week of March. Her sister, Velvet, and herself participated in and won a #1 Contender's PCUW Women's Tag Match against Ashley Williams and Jenny Smith. After the match, however the House girls were ordered by Knockout Law Marina to participate in another #1 Contender's Match the very next week because of their underhanded style of winning and Marina not liking that. Whiteout won the newly scheduled #1 Contender's Match however they lost to the champions Rock n' Roll Country two weeks later. Afterwards, Lilian and Christopher won the Mixed Tag Belts from Ivory and Van on the third week of May. They lost the Mixed Tag Titles to Ariyanne and Matthew Hamilton at New Day when they held an open challenge.

Lilian's wrestling influences include Sable, Mickie James, JBL, Tara, and Trish Stratus.


Lilian is the twin sister of Velvet House and the older sister to Jack and Gregory House. Their parents ran out on them when Jack and Chris where 10, since then Lilian and Velvet (who were 12 at the time) have basically raised the two to be the best they can be. The House siblings' God-Parents are never around due to their work schedules (their God-Father is a Bodyguard while their God-Mother is a Surgeon).

  • Parents: Harper House (Dad), Delia House (Mom)
  • Siblings: Jack and Christopher House (Little Brothers), Velvet House (Twin Sister)
  • God-Parents: Michael Johnson (God-Father), Barbora Albrechtová (God-Mother)

Ring Names/NicknamesEdit

  • The Sultry Diva


  • Killswitch
  • Sweet Chin Music

Tag Teams/StablesEdit

  • Whiteout

Title ReignsEdit

  • 1 Time Mixed Tag Team Champion (with Christopher House)

Entrance MusicEdit

  • Wildcat by Jim Johnston (Sable's old theme)
  • Knockout by Dale Oliver (Whiteout's theme)

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