New Day is the name of a pay-per-view for the wrestling company Peach Creek Ultimate Wrestling. It is PCUW's biggest pay-per-view of the year. It is the WWE equivalent of Wrestlemania and the IMPACT Wrestling equivalent of Bound For Glory.

New Day (2012) Edit

New Day (2012)


Peach Creek Ultimate Wrestling


June 17, 2012




Madison Square Garden


New York City, New York

New Day of 2012 is the first annual New Day pay-per-view. It is significant because it celebrates and commemorates Peach Creek Ultimate Wrestling's one year anniversary, a feat big among all wrestling companies. It was also significant for it being the first PCUW pay-per-view to have every title in PCUW switch hands in one night. It is also significant for the downfall of notorious stable Destiny Empire, resulting in them being put under Extreme Supervision.


PCUW Mixed Tag Team Championship: Open Challenge: Matthew Hamilton and Ariyanne Hamilton def. Christopher House and Lilian House (c) (New Champions!) (Time- 6:19)

PCUW Hardcore Championship: Tables Match: Kenny Smith def. Guntep Min (c) (New Champion) (Time- 10:41)

PCUW Women's Tag Team Championship: Ashley Williams and Jenny Smith def. The Flawless Girls (Eliza and Amber) (c) (New Champions) (Time- 9:39)

PCUW X Division Championship: Ultimate X Match: Edd def. Aries Austin (c), Willy Blake, Johnny Thunder, Johnny Smith, and Captain Melonhead (New Champion) (Time- 15:13)

PCUW World Tag Team Championship: Van Culmer and Corey Dominic def. Kevin and Rolf (c) (New Champions) (Time-13:01)

PCUW Television Championship: Jonny 2x4 def. Wolf Lancaster (c) (New Champion) (Time-9:14)

PCUW Intercontinental Championship: Azure Lee def. Chris O' Mac (c) (New Champion) (Time-8:01)

PCUW Women's Championship: Ladder Match: Ivory Gerdelman def. Nazz (c) (New Champion) (Time- 13:57)

PCUW World Heavyweight Championship: Eddy def. Kevin (c) (New Champion) (Asheel's blackmail is lifted and the Destiny Empire is put under Extreme Supervision) (Time-11:17)

New Day (2013) Edit

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