New Year's WarEdit

New Year's War is the third PPV of Peach Creek Ultimate Wrestling. (PCUW)

New Year's War (2012)Edit

New Year's War (2012)


Peach Creek Ultimate Wrestling


January 15, 2012




U.S. Bank Arena


Cincinnati, Ohio

New Year's war took place in Cincinnati, Ohio

1st Year Results:Edit

X-Division Xscape Match: Van Culmer def. Corey Dominic, Jonny 2x4 ,and Christian Hardy (Time-8:21)

Tag-Team Turmoil Match, #1 Contender Wolrd Tag-Team Championships:

  1. Orange City Blazers def. Blackout (Time-2:01)
  2. Orange City Blazers def. Rex & Jeremy Kratos (Time-2:03)
  3. Second City Saints def. Orange City Blazers (Time-3:03)
  4. Second City Saints def, Power of Doom (Time-2:41)

PCUW Hardcore Championship, Open Challenge: Guntep Min def. Robert Black (Time-4:20)

2-on-1 Handicap Match PCUW Women's Championship: Nazz def. Ashley Williams and Jenny Smith (Time-5:05)

Ivory Gerdlemen def. Eliza (Time- 5:07)

Azure Lee def. Mitch Adams (Time- 7:58)

Lethal Lockdown Match: The Erupting Eds (Ed, Edd, and Eddy) def. The Destiny Empire (Kevin, Rolf, Wolf Lancaster, and Aries Austin) (Ed is still World Champion!) (Time-29:01)

2nd Year Rsults:Edit