Orange City Dragons' Guys


Azure Lee

Ace Lee

Chris O'Mac

Tag Teams/Stables:

Orange City Dragons


Azure: 6'2

Ace: 6'3


Combined Weight:

Azure and Ace :462 lbs

Azure and Chris : 460 lbs

Ace and Chris : 464 lbs


New Day (Appearance)

Unknown Yet (Debut Match on Tag Team Action)

Disbanded :




Orange City Dragons' GuysEdit

Orange City Boys is a Professional Wrestling Tag Team which they are apart of the Orange City Dragons as Co-Leaders (Azure and Ace) and Member (Chris). This Team was inspired by The Hardy Boyz. They are real-life brothers.

This Team was formed when Ace debut with Flare at New Day when Azure won the PCUW Intercontinental Championship. It also appears that Ace and Flare both signed their contracts in PCUW.

Azure so far won 2 Championships in PCUW , he was a former PCUW Hardcore Champion and Current PCUW Intercontinental Champion. Azure was also the former record holder for the longest regining PCUW Hardcore Champion until the record was borken by Guntep. He beat Chris at New Day for the PCUW Intercontinental Championship.

Chris so far won 1 title , he is a former PCUW Intercontinental Champion and Also the first Champion to win that title. He lost it to Azure at New Day.

Ace has not won any championships at PCUW but wants to win all men's singles titles in PCUW.

Right Now they have not wrestled together in a Tag Team Match. But they both want the PCUW Tag Team Championships soon.

Ring Names/NicknamesEdit


  • The Dark Angel


  • The Ace of Punks


  • The Original Classic


Azure's Finishers:

  • Absolute Zero (Spinning Hangman's Facebuster)
  • Cold Rush Hour (Dragon Sleeper)
  • The Final Finish (Wrist-Lock Sitout Side Slam)
  • The Frostbite (Snap Inverted Double Underhook DDT On the opponent , the opponent gets a concussion after the match)
  • Frostbite Enhancer (Inverted Double Underhook Brainbuster on the opponent , the opponent gets a serious concussion after the match)

Ace's Finishers

  • You Got Punked (Reverse Thrown Inverted Death Valley Driver)
  • Flying in The Wind (450 Corkscrew Splash)
  • Punk STO (STO Backbreaker)

Chris's Finishers

  • O'Mac Driving Slam (Standing or Spinning lifting sitout spinebuster pin)
  • Chris O'Mactic (Double Jump Moonsault)
  • The Street Crash (Snap Forward Fireman's Carry Body Slam)

Azure's and Ace's Tag Team Finishers

  • Xtreme Rush Hour (Motor City Machine Gun's ASCS Rush)
  • Xtreme Finish (Absolute Zero (Azure) followed by Flying in The Wind (Ace) )

Azure's and Chris's Tag Team Finishers

  • Frostbite Crusher (Frostbite (Azure) followed by Chris O'Mactic (Chris) )
  • Assisted Frostbite Enhancer (Double Team Frostbite Enhancer)

Chris's and Ace's Tag Team Finishers

  • Double Finish (Flying in The Wind (Ace) followed by Chris O'Mactic (Chris) )
  • Punk Street (The Street Crash (Chris) / Running Corkscrew Neckbreaker (Ace) Combination)

Tag Teams/StablesEdit

  • The Orange City Dragons

Title ReignsEdit

  • 1 Time PCUW Hardcore Champion (Azure-1)
  • 2 Time PCUW Intercontinental Champion (Chris - 1) (Azure-1 , Current)

Entrance MusicEdit

  • New World by Toby Mac (Orange City Dragons' 1st Theme) (From January Week 4 to ?)
  • The World Belongs To Me by My Darkest Days (Orange City Dragons' 2nd and Current Theme) (Also Azure's and Chris's or Ace's and Chris's Tag Team Theme Song)
  • Black or White by Bleeding In Stereo (Azure's and Ace's Tag Team Theme Song)