PCUW Hardcore Championship
Hardcore Belt
Current belt design

Current Champion:

Kenny Smith

When Won:

New Day

When Established:

June 20, 2011

First Champion:

Johnny Thunder


The PCUW Hardcore championship was one of the many titles created at the PCUW debut on June 20th, 2011. Johnny Thunder became the first holder and held it until after Independence Day on August Week 2 when he faced Asheel Din and Asheel won it (Asheel was triple crowned after winning this title). Asheel kept the title until Still Unbroken in September when he faced Azure Lee. Azure however lost the title in December at End of Days against Guntep Min. So far, Guntep has the longest reign. At New Day, Guntep finally lost his belt after he attempted to cheat against Kenny Smith in a Tables match, but got caught and the match restarted, making Kenny new champion.


# Wrestler Reign Days held Location Event Notes
1. Johnny Thunder 1 54 Peach Creek PCUW Debut First ever champion
2. Asheel Din 1 48 Peach Creek August Week 2
3. Azure Lee 1 90 Peach Creek Still Unbroken
4. Guntep Min 1 122 Fargo, North Dakota End of Days Took place in a Barbed Wire Cage match
5. Kenny Smith 1 30+ New York City, New York New Day Took place in a Tables match

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