PCUW Mixed Tag Team Championship
Mixed Tag Team Belts
Current belts design (Male belt black, female belt purple)

Current Champions:

Matthew Hamilton and Ariyanne Hamilton

When Won:

New Day

When Established:

January Week 2

First Champions:

Van Culmer and Ivory Gerdelman


The PCUW Mixed Tag Team championship was introduced to PCUW on January Week 2 along with the PCUW Intercontinental championship. These belts went into an effect right away with a tournament. Wolf Lancaster and Eliza were in the final round and were set to face Van Culmer and Raven Wells. But Raven was taken out the week before by Amber, making Van have to search for a new partner. He did with finding Ivory Gerdelman and those two were the first to hold the belts. They continued as champions until May Week 4 when they lost the titles to Christopher and Lilian House. At New Day, Christopher and Lilian held an open challenge for the titles and Matthew and Ariyanne Hamilton were the ones that came out. At the end of the match, Matthew and Ariyanne became new champions.


# Mixed Tag Team Reign Days held Location Event Notes
1. Van Culmer & Ivory Gerdelman 1 116 Peach Creek January Week 4 First ever champions
2. Christopher House & Lilian House 1 44 Peach Creek May Week 4
3. Matthew Hamilton & Ariyanne Hamilton 1 30+ New York City, New York New Day Won in an open challenge