PCUW Television Championship
Television Belt
Current belt design

Current Champion:

Jonny 2x4

When Won:

New Day

When Established:

June 20, 2011

First Champion:

Jonny 2x4


The PCUW Television championship was one of the many titles created at the PCUW debut on June 20th, 2011. Jonny 2x4 was the first one to win the title after he defeated Azure Lee. Two weeks later, he lost the title to Johnny Thunder. Johnny held the title until Independence Day when he was defeated by Asheel Din, who was double crowned at the time. Asheel held the belt until Summerfest when he lost again Eddy (Asheel lost two titles that night; the X Division title and TV title). Eddy then held the title for two months before losing it to David Williams at Halloween Havok in October. Two months later at End of Days however, David lost it to Wolf Lancaster. And in March at Breaking Point, Mandy Wells shocked everyone when she defeated Wolf and became the first Knockout in PCUW history to win a male title. But at Final Countdown, Mandy forfeited the belt back to Wolf. At New Day, Jonny won his second reign with the title when he defeated Wolf.


# Wrestler Reign Days held Location Event Notes
1. Jonny 2x4 1 14 Peach Creek PCUW Debut First ever champion
2. Johnny Thunder 1 17 Peach Creek July Week 3
3. Asheel Din 1 30 Peach Creek Independence Day
4. Eddy 1 60 Peach Creek Summerfest Asheel was in two matches that night
5. David Williams 1 60 Peach Creek Halloween Havok
6. Leonardo "Wolf" Lancaster 1 95 Fargo, North Datkota End of Days
7. Amanda Wells 1 92 Baltimore, Maryland Breaking Point First Knockout to win this title
8. Leonardo "Wolf" Lancaster 2 34 Los Angeles, California Final Countdown Won after Mandy forfeited the title.
9. Jonny 2x4 2 30+ New York City, New York New Day

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