PCUW World Heavyweight Championship
World Heavyweight Belt
Current belt design

Current Champion:


When Won:

New Day

When Established:

June 20, 2011

First Champion:



The PCUW World Heavyweight championship is PCUW's main championship, the big prize in the company. At the PCUW debut in June 20th, 2011, Ed became the first ever champion by defeating Rolf. He has held the title for nine months, setting the current record for the championship. At Breaking Point, Kevin became the new champion. At New Day, Eddy won the World title after help from Asheel Din.


# Wrestler Reign Days held Location Event Notes
1. Ed 1 295 Peach Creek PCUW Debut First ever Champion
2. Kevin 1 94 Baltimore, Maryland Breaking Point
3. Eddy 1 30+ New York City, New York New Day

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