PCUW X Division Championship
X Division belt copy
Current belt design

Current Champion:


When Won:

New Day

When Established:

June 20, 2011

First Champion:

Asheel Din


X Division Belt

Old design of the PCUW X Division Belt

The PCUW X Division championship was one of the many titles created at the PCUW debut on June 20th, 2011. Asheel Din became the first champion that night. He held the title until Summerfest in August when an Ultimate X match took place and Edd won the belt from him. Before September's Still Unbroken however, Edd lost the title to Kevin. But after the pay-per-view, he was able to win the title back. At Halloween Havok a few weeks later, he lost the title again to Jonny 2x4. Jonny held the belt until End of Days when he was defeated by Aries Austin. So far, Aries is the longest reigning champion and Kevin's reign is the shortest. At New Day in an Ultimate X match, Edd became new champion for the third time. At Summerfest, Edd revealed the new design for the X Division belt.


# Wrestler Reign Days held Location Event Notes
1. Asheel Din 1 62 Peach Creek PCUW Debut First ever champion
2. Edd 1 35 Peach Creek Summerfest Won the title in PCUW's first ever Ultimate X match
3. Kevin 1 14 Peach Creek September Week 4
4.  Edd 2 32 (or so) Peach Creek October Week 1 Won the title after GM Zack forced Kevin to wrestle him in a rematch
5. Jonny 2x4 1 58 Peach Creek Halloween Havok
6. Aries Austin 1 180 Fargo, North Dakota End of Days
7. Edd 3 30+ New York City, New York New Day Took place in an Ultimate X match