Peach Creek Ultimate Wrestling

Federation Name:

Peach Creek Ultimate Wrestling



Major PPV:

New Day (June)

Time open:

June 2011-present


Zack Watkins, Ed, Edd, Eddy


Demetri Lancer and Sarah Watkins




Peach Creek

Opening Theme Song:

"Thorn In Your Eye" (WWF Raw is War theme) (Year 1 Theme)

"Adrenaline" by Shinedown (Current Theme)

Peach Creek Ultimate Wrestling or PCUW for short is a wrestling company based in the fictional town of Peach Creek. It was created by Ed Alba, Eddward "Double D" Duling, and Eddy Verra, along with help from other friends. This company was created for young kid wrestlers wanting to go into wrestling.


PCUW was created in the beginning of June when The Eds came up with the crazy idea to make their own wrestling organization. With the help of their friends; sixteen year old Sarah Watkins and her twenty-two year old brother Zack, they

The three main creators of PCUW, the lovable Ed Boys.

began the process. They recruited help from parents and other town folk to make championship belts, the ring, ring attire, and even found a good enough arena for the show. After a little renovating on the arena, the kids proceeded into getting plans for tryouts. Four days later, roster tryouts took place and the roster was created. It was revealed that after the tryouts, the debut episode would begin the following week.

The debut episode of PCUW was unbelievable. The arena was sold out, every single seat filled. In that episode, all the champions were crowned; with Asheel Din as X Division champion, the Tuba Brothers as World Tag Team champions, Nazz as Women's champion, Jimmy as Cruiserweight champion (only to lose it the week later), Jonny 2x4 as Television champion, Johnny Thunder as Hardcore champion, Lee and Marie Kanker as Women's Tag Team champions, and Ed as World Heavyweight champion.

The company is currently beginning its second year on air, with two records set by Ed: longest World title reign and longest undefeated streak (9 months).



(BOLD are OCs, BOLD and italic are my OCs)



Tag Teams

  • Van Culmer & Corey Dominic
  • Rock n' Roll Country
  • Willy & Brody Blake
  • The Tuba Brothers
  • Orange City Blazers (in developmental now)
  • Second City Saints
  • The Anti and The Dragon
  • The Flawless Girls
  • Power of Doom (in developmental now)
  • Blackout
  • Whiteout
  • The Perfect Wolf Pack

Championships & Current Holders

PCUW World Heavyweight Championship Eddy
PCUW World Tag Team Championship Van Culmer and Corey Dominic
PCUW X Division Championship Edd
PCUW Television Championship Mitch Adams
PCUW Hardcore Championship Kenny Smith
PCUW Intercontinental Championship Azure Lee
PCUW Women's Championship Ivory Gerdelman
PCUW Women's Tag Team Championship Ashley Williams and Jenny Smith
PCUW Mixed Tag Team Championship Jack House and Velvet House


June New Day (biggest event)
July Independence day
August Summerfest
September Still Unbroken
October Halloween Havok
November Survival of the Fittest
December End of Days
January New Year's War
February St. Valentines Day Massacre
March Breaking Point
April Road to Glory
May Final Countdown

Leadership & Media Team

PCUW General Manager & Chairman: Zack Watkins

Knockout Law & Co General Manager: Marina Coleman

Managing Supervisor: Lucas Wilson

Commentators: Demetri Lancer and Sarah Watkins

Backstage Interviewers: Melanie Woodland, Kolton Hunt, and Kellsie

PCUW Developmental Territory: PCDW

Peach Creek Developmental Wrestling (PCDW) is similar to WWE's NXT and TNA's OVW. It helps train wrestlers waiting to get into the company and making them better athletes before going to the main roster.

PCDW just recently signed a TV deal. Their episodes will now be televised.




  • Jimmy
  • Alexander Wells
  • Liam Takashi
  • Blake Conrad
  • Derek Steele
  • Maiden Creed
  • Chase Rainin
  • Dusk Terran
  • Reilly Roode
  • Logan Craze
  • Vladimir Williams
  • Circus Kane
  • Trey Hart
  • Keith Johnson
  • Thomas Ambrose
  • Jason Russo
  • Hank Yamato
  • Reggie Ortiz
  • Tyler Cassidy
  • Thomas Blake
  • Gregory Quinn
  • Justin Davis
  • Don Hector
  • Mark Storm
  • Jacob Shotgun


  • Sarah
  • Kylie Dominic
  • Linka Lancaster
  • Anna Hart
  • Lucy Stevens
  • Makayla Burton (Also working with the main roster)
  • Ashley Mesnard
  • Kellsie (Also working with the main roster)
  • Mace "Blade" Tare
  • Grace Tare
  • Liane V. Cage
  • Karin Cage
  • Saraya
  • Tanille

Championships & Current Holders

PCDW World Heavyweight Championship Dusk Terran
PCDW Women's Championship Makayla Burton
PCDW Tag Team Championship Chase Rainin and Madden Creed

PCDW General Manager: ???

Commentators: ???

Backstage Interviewer: Kellsie (when she doesn't wrestle)

PCDW Opening Theme Song: "Edge Of A Revolution" by Nickelback

External Links


PCUW Themes Playlist

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