Sarah Lisa Alba
Run Away! Here comes Sarah!




155 lbs



Born in:

Peach Creek

Lives in:

Peach Creek

Wrestling influences:

Gail Kim

Beth Phoenix


Madison Rayne


Sarah is Ed's bossy, psychotic, spoiled, abusive brat of a little sister, who acts cute and charming only for a short time. Sarah has Ed's unending loyalty and obedience, mostly due to her constant threats of telling her mom on him. The fact that their mother always believes Sarah, even when she is fibbing, doesn't help. She has a very loud mouth, a hair-trigger temper, and is easily agitated by others, especially her brother. Her best friend is Jimmy and she spends most of her time with him. She also seems to fear the Kankers, because unlike her brother the sisters aren't afraid to bully the younger girl to get what they want.

She has a crush on Edd, which is shown occasionally, but even her love for him doesn't always spare him from her wrath.

Wrestling Career


I would not want to be around her.

Because Ed was in it, Sarah decided to go into PCUW as well. She is one of the three wrestlers in the company to be excepted below the minimium age limit (minium age limit to be excepted in PCUW is 13, Sarah's 10). She had to force them to hire her, though. Unlike Jimmy, wrestlers are afraid to pick on her due to her attitude. Like Jimmy and their other friend Kylie Dominic, Sarah hasn't been in much action in the ring due to being too young. But she says that if she doesn't get a shot at the PCUW Women's championship soon, she's going to leave (which probably won't actually happen).

Sarah's wrestling influences include Gail Kim, Beth Phoenix, Natalya, and Madison Rayne.


Siblings: Ed (Brother)

Ring Names/Nicknames

  • Spoiled Brat (called that by Eddy)


  • Neckbreaker

Entrance Music

  • Misery Business by Paramore