Shayne Daniella Covell
Shayne during a photoshoot.




175 lbs



Born in:

Los Angeles, California

Lives in:

Los Angeles, California

Wrestling influences:

Christopher Daniels

AJ Styles




Gail Kim

Velvet Sky

Shayne Covell

Shayne was born in Los Angeles, California and currently wrestles for Total Championship Wrestling, TCW. She's been a wrestling fan for as long as she can remember, traveling with her uncle everywhere he wrestled and watched him do so. She was trained by her uncle and TCW owner and legend Asheel Din Sr. when she arrived in the wrestling world.

Shayne is also the best friend of Ivory Gerdelman. As of after the TCW pay-per-view Locked In, Shayne is dating Christian Din.

Wrestling Career

Shayne 2

Shayne when she's not in the ring

Shayne has been apart of TCW for most of the first year. She faced women like Jill Valentine, Black Widow, and most recently Kyla Brooks, who she is currently in a rivalry with. At Final Clash of the first year, Shayne won the Vixxen's championship after she defeated Jill Valentine in a Loser Leaves Town Ladder Match. Before Locked In, Shayne kept flirting with Christian Din since his aunt and uncle were the bosses and she tried getting her way out of matches. At Locked In, she was able to retain the Vixxen's title in a street fight after Christian turned heel and hit Kyla with a chair. Six weeks later at Celebration, Shayne defeated Kyla once again with Taylor Swift as the special guest referee.

On the 50th episode of TCW Warzone, Shayne went out with Christian when he revealed himself as the current GM of TCW after Asheel Sr. got ran over during Best In the World. Also during Kyla's match against "Skye" Katrina Reginald, she got on the titantron and tried to distract her. After the match, Shayne introduced Ivory to the TCW roster. It was announced at Aftershock that Kyla and Ivory will be in a match and if Kyla wins, she'll face Shayne later that night. On the next Warzone, Shayne was approached by Kyla backstage and they had a few words with each other regarding Aftershock. After that, Shayne was able to defeat "Skye" Katrina Reginald in a non-title match.

Shayne's wrestling influences include Christopher Daniels, AJ Styles, Kazarian, Hernandez, ODB, Gail Kim, and Velvet Sky.


Shayne is the niece of TNA wrestler Christopher Daniels. She loves him very much and has traveled with him everywhere he's wrestled just to be with him. And like him, she's become fond of appletinis (fun fact there. lol).

Uncles/Aunts: Christopher Daniels (Uncle), Lisa Covell (Aunt)

Cousins: Jerica Covell, Joshua Covell

Ring Names/Nicknames

  • Shayne Daniels
  • Evil Angel
  • Face of the TCW Vixxens (Self-proclaimed)
  • TCW's Sexiest Vixxen (Self-proclaimed)


  • Angel's Wings
  • BME (Best Moonsault Ever)

Wrestlers Managed

  • Christian Din

Title Reigns

  • 1 Time TCW Vixxen's Champion (Current)

Entrance Music

  • Evil Angel by Breaking Benjamin (Theme used for her debut only)
  • Wings of a Fallen Angel by Dale Oliver (Current theme; Christopher Daniels' old theme)
  • King of My World by Saliva (Used when going out with Christian)

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