St. Valentines Day Massacre:Edit

St. Valentines Day Massacre is the fourth PPV of Peach Creek Ultimate Wrestling (PCUW)

1st Year Results:Edit

PCUW Intercontinental Championship, Fatal Four Way: Chris O'Mac Def. Willy Blake, Mitch Adams, and Eric Peterson (New Champion!) (Time-6:02)

Ivory Gerdelmen Def. Eliza (Time-6:00)

PCUW Women's Championship "I Quit" Match: Nazz (c) Def. Raven Wells (Although Raven didn't actually say "I Quit") (Time-9:54)

PCUW Hardcore Championship: Guntep Min (c) Def. Robert Black (Time-5:30)

PCUW Hardcore Championship: Aries Austin (c) Def. Edd (Time-7:25)

PCUW World Tag-Team Championships: Kevin and Rolf (c) Def. Second City Saints (Phil Hardy and Colt Anderson) (Time-8:15)

PCUW World Heavyweight Championship: Ed (c) Def. Asheel Din (6:14)

2nd Year Results:Edit

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