Survival of The Fittest:Edit

Survival of The Fittest was a PPV at Peach Creek Ultimate Wrestling (PCUW). It is the first PPV of the year!

1st Year Results:Edit

PCUW Cruiserweight Championship: Willy Blake Def. Alex Starr (Time- 3:22)

PCUW Women's Tag-Team Championships: Rock n' Roll Country (Raven Wells and Amanda Wells Def. The Kanker Sisters (Lee and Marie) (Time-5:20)

PCUW X-DIvision Championship: Jonny 2x4 Def. Aries Austin (Time- 4:21)

PCUW World Tag-Team Championships: Kevin and Rolf Def. The Orange City Blazers (Justin Davis and Don Hector) (Time-4:18)

PCUW Women's Championship: Nazz Def. Ashley Williams (Time-3:04)

PCUW Hardcore Championship, First Blood Match:Azure Lee Def. Guntep Min (Time- 7:25)

Match For Melonhead's Identity: Captain Melonhead Def. Johnny Thunder by DQ (Time-4:18)

Survivor Series Match: Team Eddy (Eddy, Edd, Asheel Din, Johnny Smith, and Kenny Smith) Def. Team Kevin (Kevin, Rolf, Steven Ryke (Replaced by Brody Blake), Ken Tuba and Ben Tuba (Time-14:33)

PCUW World Heavyweight Championship: Ed Def. Asheel Din (Time-4:31)

2nd Year Results:Edit