I have to say, after reading the recent chapter of PCUW, I found Independence Day to be legit! The choice of the theme, "Let's Ride" by Kid Rock was perfect, it fits the pay-per-view. Throughout the entire show, this was the first pay-per-view to have all the championships defended sucessfully. Though some of them were predictable. The one thing that surprised me was David Williams tapping out to Eddy's Money Lock. I mean, wow! Love to read more soon.

  1. Intercontinental Championship: Azure Lee (c) def. Steven Ryke - 4/5
  2. Woman's Tag Team Championship: Ashley Williams/Jenny Smith (c) def. The Flawless Girls - 3.5/5
  3. Television Championship: Jonny 2x4 (c) def. Jason Krueger - 4/5
  4. Hardcore Championship: Kenny Smith (c) def. Christopher House - 4/5
  5. X Division Championship: Edd (c) def. Aries Austin - 4.5/5
  6. World Tag Team Championship, Triple Threat Tag Team Match: Van Culmer/Corey Dominic (c) def. Ed/Asheel Din and The Perfect Wolf Pack - 5/5
  7. Women's Championship: Ivory Gerdelman (c) def. Amanda Lights - 4/5
  8. PCUW World Heavyweight Championship: Eddy (c) def. David Williams - 5/5

Pay-Per-View Overall: 4.25/5